Open public calls

Zagreb City Holding Ltd. is a company whose business operations are grouped into four business areas
  • Utility services
  • Transport services
  • Commercial activities
  • Energy services
It comprises 14 subsidiaries (Arena Zagreb, Zagreb Bus Terminal, City Waste Disposal, City Cemeteries, Zagreb Freight Station, Zagreb Markets, Real Estate Properties Management, Project Management, Vladimir Nazor, Zagreb Roads, Zagreb Digital City, Zagrebparking, ZGOS and Zrinjevac), and is the founder of the companies City Housing and Municipal Services Company Ltd., Zagreb City Gasworks Ltd., Zagreb City Gasworks-Supply Ltd., Water Supply and Drainage Ltd., AGM Ltd. Zagreb Housing Construction Ltd. and Zagrebplakat Ltd., and the institution Zagreb City Pharmacy. More information about the operations of Zagreb Holding Ltd. is available on the official website.
Public Call is addressed to potential candidates interested in working in a stimulating corporate environment on the implementation of Zagreb Holding’s projects aimed at development and implementation of business practices and at advancement and improvement of service quality. If a candidate wishes to apply for more than one position encompassed by the Public Call, they must make a separate application for each of the positions they are interested in.
Applications to the Public Call should be submitted using the web form at or mailed in a sealed envelope to:

Zagreb City Holding Ltd.
Ulica grada Vukovara 41
10 000 Zagreb
with the note “For Public Call for Expression of Interest in Vacant Position”.
A valid application must contain all the information and enclosures specified in the Public Call. This Public Call for Applications is not binding. Application documents will be handled as per the Personal Information Protection Act (Official Gazette 103/03, 118/06, 41/08, 130/11 and 106/12 - consolidated text) and will not be returned to the applicants.
Zagreb Holding Group will not announce public calls to fill vacant positions that the attendants of the on-the-job training for work without employment measure have been trained for, or permanent seasonal positions.
The Group uses active employment policy measures: on-the-job training for work without employment, which trains young people to work in positions in the profession that they have been educated for in order to gain experience or satisfy the formal conditions needed to approach the state qualifying examination/master craftsman examination, and permanent employment of seasonal workers, which is designed for persons who worked for the employer continually for a minimum of 6 months and will continue to work for the same employer at least for another season.
Public call for positions to work on
projects of Zagreb Holding Ltd., Zagreb
City Gasworks Ltd. and Water Supply and Drainage Ltd.
Date of publication
Closing date
Please enclose the following to your application:
Letter of Application
Proof of fulfilment of all conditions
Copy of certificate/diploma
Certificate of work experience/no work experience
Proof of work experience and proof of work experience in adequate positions (electronic record and/or certificate of information on record in the registry maintained by the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute). Work experience means work experience in the positions same or similar to the profession and the professional qualification specified in the call.
If a driver’s licence is required - copy of driver’s licence
Other documents specified in the Public Call
All candidates meeting the conditions specified in the Public Call for Expression of Interest in Vacant Positions (hereinafter: Public Call) will be summoned for written testing as required (general knowledge test and professional knowledge test). The employer will select the candidates to invite to the selection interview based on the test results.
Should a candidate fail to confirm that they will come to the testing following the receipt of the notice about its time and location, the candidate will be considered to have withdrawn their application and will not be considered an applicant to the Public Call.
Should a candidate not take the tests, the candidate will be considered to have withdrawn their application and will not be considered an applicant to the Public Call.
Should a candidate reapply for a position they have already undergone testing for, the candidate is obligated to enclose all the requested documentation, but is not obligated to retake the tests. The candidate will be notified about further steps in the selection procedure in writing.
Only applicants who have submitted timely and valid applications and who fulfil all the conditions specified in the Public Call will be considered candidates for the position advertised in the Public Call.
Applications are only accepted through the web form or at the registry.
Upon completion of their application, candidates will receive a successful application notice.
Persons of both sexes are welcome to apply to the Public Call.
Applications not submitted on time and applications not containing proof of fulfilment of conditions will not be considered.
Employer reserves the right not to accept any of the applications to the advertised positions received pursuant to the Public Call.
As per the valid Personal Information Protection Act, by applying for the position, the candidate consents to the collection and processing of all above personal information, and consents to have their knowledge and competences for the appropriate position tested for purposes of possible employment.