Single Payments Documents

The organization of Zagreb Holding encompassing all the municipal companies in the City of Zagreb, required a new centralized data base. That is to say each company had its own database and each one issued its own separate bills. This system created huge costs. So, soon after the Holding was founded, a new project began to create a centralized database in order to unify data and develop an integrated database.

A unified database makes it possible, amongst other things, to optimize expenditure on maintenance and use, integrate business processes, supervision of the system and the introduction of single payment documents.

The introduction of unified bills for the entire area of the City, requires a great deal of time due to the need to organize the database. In 2007 a campaign was organized to go out into the field and align data with the owners of buildings. In the same year were issued the first uniform payment, while for the whole city will be introduced until 2010.

So far they cover the following payments:
  • Municipal tax
  • Water management fee
  • Housing reserves (for accommodation in buildings managed by the Zagreb Holding, City Municipal Housing)
  • Rent (for property owned by the City of Zagreb)
  • Fee for removal of municipal waste (City Waste Disposal)
  • Fee for use of water (Water Supply and Drainage)
The introduction of a unified bill brings several advantages to citizens too since it is possible to pay municipal fees in one place with no commission charge. Data processing has also been simplified, and is now simpler and quicker.