Go Gold for Kids with Cancer

Did you know that every other day, one child in Croatia is diagnosed with a malignant disease?
According to the data of the association Krijesnica – an association for helping children and families facing malignant diseases, the number of diagnosed children continues to grow by about 1% per year. Each year, there are more than 180 new cases of children diagnosed with malignant diseases in Croatia. Since treatment on average lasts a year, and often even longer, the family of the diagnosed child reaches the end of their rope in the mental, physical and material sense during this period.
‘Go gold’ is a global initiative for raising awareness of malignant diseases in children. Like other forms of malignant diseases, childhood cancer has an international symbol – a gold ribbon. This unique symbol represents the courage and strength of each child suffering from a malignant disease, the struggle for improvement of prevention with the aim of decline of certain types of malignant diseases in children and the need to help the 90% of survivors who have long-lasting, serious health problems stemming directly from treatment.

However, awareness of the importance of the gold ribbon can only be raised with the help of many. Since September is the childhood cancer awareness month, Zagreb Holding has joined the global initiative ‘Go Gold for Kids with Cancer®”.

In addition to placing the gold ribbon symbol on our website, identical gold ribbon brooches will be worn by all our employees working in customer care centres, where humanitarian aid boxes have been placed alongside information leaflets.

We have also invited our business partners to support the campaign, as well as our employees, who have so far participated in several humanitarian actions. We take great pride in them and thank them for their participation.

We hope that you will join this initiative by organising the “Go Gold for Kids with Cancer®” action at your workplace, company or school, and through your support give hope to those who need it most.

With help from all of us, real difference can be made in the lives of children fighting cancer today and perhaps we can prevent this ruthless disease from taking other precious lives.

Numerous associations provide a beacon of hope for children and their families fighting this vicious disease. We invite you to support their activities so they could help children and their parents fight cancer in an even better and more efficient way.

Associations that help children suffering from malignant diseases:
  1. “Krijesnica” – association for helping children and families facing malignant diseases, Prilaz Gjure Deželića 50, Zagreb
  2. “Ljubav na djelu” – childhood cancer parents association, Prilaz Đure Deželića 31, Zagreb
  3. “Klub roditelja djece sa hematološko onkološkog odjela KBC Šalata”, Šalata 2, Zagreb
  4. “Sanus” – childhood cancer parents club, Iločka 6, Split, 
  5. “Moje dijete” – childhood cancer parents association, Trg Ljudevita Gaja 8, Osijek  
  6. “Iskrice”, Dalmatinska 2, Vinkovci 
  7. “Pčelica”, Frankopanska 213, Požega
  8. “Naša nada” – childhood cancer parents association, Braće Radića 13a, Slatina 
  9. Croatian association of patients with leukemia and lymphoma, Strossmayerova 9, Čakovec, www.uoll.hr
  10.  “Zajedno do zdravlja” – association of chronically ill children, Dr. Roka Mišetića bb, PP 349, Dubrovnik 
  11. “Zajedno” – childhood cancer parents association, Slaviše Vajnera Čiče 8, Rijeka
  12. “Iskra” – childhood cancer parents association, Kralja Zvonimira 17, Otočac
  13. Association “Nina”, Krešimira Filića, 42000 Varaždin 
  14. Association “Jak kao Jakov”, V. Mačeka 1, 47000 Karlovac 
  15. “Hrabro dijete”, Vladimira Nazora 8, 35400 Nova Gradiška 
  16. “SLAP” Slavonski Brod