Electricity production

An electrical power production plant generating electrical power from landfill gas is located at the Jakuševec Landfill and operated by ZGOS branch of the Zagreb Holding.

ZGOS is a licensed producer of electrical power by virtue of the licence issued by the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency,  License Class: UPI 034-02/13-01/03, Registry Number: 371-01/13-04, date of issue: 7 May 2013, and a privileged producer of electrical power by virtue of Decision Granting Privileged Electrical Power Producer Status, Decision Class: UPI 034-02/14-30/19, Registry Number: 371-01/14-10, date of issue: 23 December 2014.
To market the electrical power it produces, ZGOS entered into the Agreement on the Purchase of Electrical Power from a Plant Using a Renewable Energy Source, Number: BIOPLIN1.f.3.-4/14, concluded on 18 March 2014, with the Croatian Energy Market Operator.

Landfill gas generated by the waste deposited at the landfill is transported to gas engines via a gas pipeline network equipped with catchpots and gas wells, and converted to electrical power there. A total of 96,667,197 m3 of landfill gas was extracted from the landfill body between December 2014 and December 2015. All of the extracted gas was processed at the Small Thermal Power Plant.
The Small Thermal Power Plant (mTEO) at the Jakuševec Landfill is the only plant in Croatia that produces electrical power from landfill gas. Its electrical power output in 2014 amounted to 12,003,668 kWh . A third gas engine - generator was put in operation in 2015 and a total of  17,524,144 kWh of electrical power was produced that year, an amount sufficient to cover the annual average electrical power consumption of around 5,000 homes. A total of  59,880,699 kWh of electrical power was produced by the gas engines - generators from December 2014 to December 2015 and delivered to HEP’s system.

Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (HERA) - License Register