Zagreb Holding was incorporated in 2007 in line with the Companies Act and is 100% owned by the City of Zagreb.

It consists of 14 subsidiaries that have taken over the operations of the former city owned-companies. Zagreb Holding also owns 8 companies and one institution and employs a total of about  7300 people.

The Company’s operations are grouped into four areas:
  • Utility services
  • Transport services
  • Commercial activities
  • Energy services
City Waste Disposal, Zagreb Digital City, City Cemeteries, Zagreb Markets, Water Supply and Drainage, Zagreb Roads and Zrinjevac comprise the utility division.
The transport division includes ZET and Zagrebparking.
The commercial division of Zagreb Holding consists of the branches ZGOS, AGM, Vladimir Nazor, Zagreb Fair, Zagreb Bus Terminal, City Housing and Municipal Services Company, Zagreb Freight Station, Project Management, Zagreb plakat, Sports Centre and City Pharmacy Zagreb.
The energy division is composed of Zagreb City Gasworks Zagreb, Zagreb City Gasworks - Supply and ZGOS.
The basic role of Zagreb Holding is to efficiently and continually provide public utility services while striving for maximal environmental protection, as well as protection of the public interest of the local community. In doing so, we pay special attention to continual improvement of the quality of our services and the welfare of our employees, which is the backbone of our future business development.

The first public utility companies in Zagreb were set up in the second half of the 19th century, same as in the other major European cities. The state and the regulation of urban public infrastructure is the basic indicator of development of any city. For over a hundred years, Zagreb has stood side by side with the other European capitals in the management of utility services.
The history of the Holding begins in 1862, when Zagreb made its first step in the modernization of utility services by setting up the Gasworks as Zagreb’ first public utility company. Zagreb’s first public utility companies were established in the 1930s, with fast expansion of the city and the city utilities infrastructure, combined with continual population growth, driving the city authorities to set up more utility companies in the second half of the 20th century.

The Holding responsible for the expansion and advancement of public utility services in Zagreb was established in 2005, when stakes in 23 city-owned utility companies were transferred to the holding called City Utility Company (Gradsko komunalno gospodarstvo). In 2007 it was renamed Zagreb Holding, as it is known today.

The Holding works to improve the conditions and the standard of living for the citizens of Zagreb by constantly keeping track of their needs and adjusting its services accordingly. Services of essential importance for the life in the city, including municipal sanitation, water supply and drainage, waste disposal, gasworks, markets, public transport, cemeteries, the bus terminal, the freight station, management of sports facilities and much more are within the scope of Zagreb Holding.

Special care is taken to protect the environment and conserve the natural resources that make Zagreb one of the most beautiful and most attractive cities in this part of the Europe.

Mission and vision

Guarantee efficient delivery of utility and other urban services through corporate responsibility focused on making and keeping all stakeholders satisfied.
Be a synonym for pleasant, organised and healthy living in Zagreb, an example of excellence in public service delivery and the driver of business development of Zagreb and Croatia.
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