Code of conduct

Dear Visitors,

To attain and maintain a spotless reputation in all its areas of activity, Zagreb Holding develops its own ethical principles and modern corporate governance business ethics aligned with good business practices and the legal framework.
Going forward, the primary objective of Zagreb Holding is to operate responsibly, professionally, ethically and transparently. We also aim to build and maintain a solid culture of compliance through effective implementation of fundamental processes such as education, communication at all levels, risk estimation, efficiency evaluation and regular reporting. The strategy of compliance requires, first of all, the management to get involved.
With this objective in mind, the Management Board of Zagreb Holding adopted the Code of Conduct, which contains the basic ethical guidelines and rules for all employees to follow in their activities.
All Zagreb Holding customers, business partners and employees can report any illegal and/or unethical action in Holding operations in written or in electronic form. Protection of privacy is guaranteed.
We consider the trust of our citizens, other customers and the public in Zagreb Holding our greatest achievement and our strongest incentive.

Zagreb Holding does not and will not tolerate corruptive and unethical behaviour.
The President of the Management Board
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This Code of Conduct sets forth the basic ethical rules of conduct for all employees of Zagreb Holding, its affiliates and institutions owned by Zagreb Holding (hereinafter: Zagreb Holding) to establish and promote the fundamental ethical values in business relations and actions to be taken in case of their infringement.
Zagreb Holding operates in the public interest, in particular respecting and fostering the fundamental values such as justice, integrity, responsibility, service quality, transparency, entrepreneurship, teamwork and more.
  • The fundamental principles fostered by this Code of Conduct are as follows:
  • Trust and collegiality
  • Lawfulness and professionalism in all activities
  • Teamwork and professional communication
  • Respect of customers’ needs
  • Avoiding and prevention of conflicts of interest
  • Responsible management of assets, business finances and procurement process
  • Confidentiality of personal information and business information
  • Avoiding giving or receiving gifts.

Published on 13 December 2010.