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Gradsko stambeno-komunalno gospodarstvo (City Housing and Municipal Services Company) has been established as a public company on the basis of a Decision by the City Assembly from December 1990. But only after adjusting general documents in February 1996 it has been officially registered as City Housing and Municipal Services Company. At the end of 2005 it has been renamed to Subsidiary GSKG, operating within Zagreb Holding d.o.o., and from November 2013 it is again a company.
The maintenance of the symbol of the City of Zagreb – the cannon of Grič, which reminds us every day at noon that we are entering the other half of the day, is just one of our activities. Within municipal activities we maintain public passageways, underpasses, fountains, public clocks and toilets. But the primary activity of GSKG d.o.o. is the maintenance of residential buildings. Although it sometimes is not easy, we struggle to proceed for mutual satisfaction of both users of our services and us, as a manager.
GSKG d.o.o., among other, offers also technical assistance for :
  • elimination of defects at the building takeover;
  • creation of management and maintenance program for the building;
  • performing necessary works;
  • regular and emergency maintenance;
  • emergency repairs;
  • recovery of facades and
  • roofs and maintenance of lifts.
The next important activity is dealing with legal affairs, including professional assistance for concluding proprietary and management contracts, representing the co-owners before the courts and other authorities, assistance in identifying and resolving property relations and land registration. Of course, this is only the part of services we offer, since we believe that it is their diversity that guarantees satisfactory cooperation. That was the very reason why a series of new programs has been initiated (e.g. renovation of facades and boiler rooms, alignment of lifts with applicable regulations, etc.).

Also, to the co-owners we offer the possibility if financing the investments in large repairs through credit lines with low interest rate for a period between 5 and 15 years, reminding that some of the projects, such as the facade renovation program, are co-financed by the City of Zagreb. It is important to emphasize that for those and all other projects the contractors are selected based on their offers and work quality corresponding to the ones required by GSKG. Due to this efforts, Zagreb in the past few years substantially changes its image for the better, becoming a better place to live in, as well as an important destination for numerous tourists. In order to achieve that, a lot of effort and funds are needed, as well as the cooperation between all the participants – managers, state and city institutions, the profession and co-owners. However, although in our 15-year operations we have sometimes encountered problems, all our efforts in providing quality service resulted in us becoming the leader among cca. 150 both public and private companies dealing with managing and maintenance of buildings in Croatia. This position is not accidental, proven by nearly 180 thousand spaces that we maintain, which amounts to about 85% of the Zagreb's totals.

Director Joško Jakelić

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