Organized Leisure for Children and Young People

Vladimir Nazor branch of Zagreb Holding continues  the tradition of the Institution for Organized Vacations for Children and Youth, founded in 1962 by the City of Zagreb. We have organised vacations for more than a million children aged 5-18 in 50 years. More than 30,000 children and youth participate in Nazor’s programs every year.

We run organized winter holiday programs for students aged 7-17 during the winter school holidays.
Children can take part individually in programs run over several days at the Stoimena children’s holiday centre in Crikvenica and the Granešina “Youth City” in Zagreb, and enjoy an organized active holiday full of sporting and recreational activities and walks, creative workshops and entertaining programs organized for them by Nazor’s animators and facilitators.
In the winter we only run programs at our other locations (Duga uvala, Skradin, Veli Lošinj, Punat on the Island of Krk) for organized groups (schools, sports clubs, associations etc.)
In addition to our own facilities, we organise winter holiday programmes abroad.  Nazor can thus take you skiing to Slovakia.
The spring holidays are an excellent opportunity for children to have a creative and recreational break full of activity in the company of their peers attending one of Nazor’s programs. Our hostels are specially designed for organised youth programs, with shared bedrooms and restrooms.
A specific educational program that gives the attendants a chance to apply and check what they learned in the classroom in a real-life setting. It is an opportunity for students to learn about the world around them through observation, comparison, measurement, description, data collection, conclusion and explanation in a comprehensive experience of specific lessons prepared by their teacher in line with the curriculum.
“ŠUŠ” Outdoor School
“ŠUŠ” is an outdoor school program specially designed for lower-grade primary school students. It includes classes, recreation, sports and quality time together under the motto “School in the Forest, Sports in the Forest”. The educational part of the one-day outdoor program follows the curriculum and is adapted to the time of year (spring, autumn and winter “ŠUŠ” programs). Outdoor sports and recreation and learning and creating on the go are what makes this school day outside of the classroom very unique.
To learn more or to make an appointment to visit the Youth City, please call 01/ 2984 073 or 01/ 2984 071.
Nazor organizes several different programs for children aged 7-17 , offering opportunities to explore and learn about Zagreb as the traffic, cultural, historical, administrative or entertainment Croatian capital. The programs help Zagreb residents and visitors who come to visit for one or more days to get to know the capital better.
SUMMER Nazor organizes 7-day or 14-day programs at the coast for children and youth aged 5-17 for the entire duration of the summer holidays.

Pre-school children are covered by organized summer holidays at Nazor’s holiday homes run by pre-school institutions and are included in programs in organized groups led by their pre-school teachers.

Pupils in all grades of primary and secondary schools are welcome to take part in Nazor’s programs, alone or with their brothers and sisters or friends.

The following is included in the programme and in the price:
Transportation by comfortable tourist buses and child care on the journey
Four meals a day and accommodations in shared bedrooms in the company of their peers
Around-the-clock supervision by the child care professional in charge of the group
Immediate health care provided at our facility by an on-staff doctor or nurse
Organisation of sporting, recreational, creative and entertainment activities (morning stretching exercises, sports contests, swimming school, games on the beach, art, drama, journalism, ecology, dancing and other workshops, walks, day trips, evening programs and events)
Use of all sports courses, equipment and learning materials in the facilities
Organization of outdoor school programs and extracurricular activities  during the school holidays for children aged 5-18 at five facilities at the coast and two facilities in Zagreb is Nazor’s core business. However, we organize many programs for other generations too, such as interesting programs for senior citizens.
For all inquiries about our rates, we are available Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
at Maksimirska 51 in Zagreb,
by phone on 01/ 6421 900 or 6421 943,
and by e mail on

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