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The basic work of the Project management branch is advising, collecting, analysing and issuing information in the field of construction, surveying land, designing projects and producing complete project documentation, and finally building flats and commercial premises and inspection. Construction of housing is known as the Zagreb model of housing construction.

The Housing Construction branch was founded by the decision to found the branch rendered at the assembly of the City Municipal Housing company on 7th September 2006. On 12 th September 2014. the branch was renamed into branch Project management. This branch seeks to present the Zagreb Housing Construction model, or as people say “oases of pleasant living”, as an example of an effective and modern solution for providing housing, especially for young families.

The most important housing construction project to date is without doubt the construction of the Sopnica-Jelkovec housing estate in Sesvete, built according to the Zagreb housing construction model. On 39.5 hectares of landscaped land, housing and commercial properties have been built with covered and open air car parking, two children’s day care centres with a swimming pool, elementary and high schools, a library, market, and shopping, health, cultural and sports centres. The flats available range in size from 50 to 120 square meters, and all buildings have lifts, gas fired central heating for each flat, broadband internet and digital television.

The price of a square meter is one of the lowest on today’s property market.

Director Marija Caharija

Tel.: +3851 6420 951
Faks: +3851 6420 999