Fairs, congresses, commercial premises

For one hundred years, the Zagreb Fair has been the venue of international fairs and shows, and it continues to confirm its position as an important business stakeholder in the City of Zagreb.
Every year, Zagreb Fair organizes more than 20 specialized shows featuring more than 5,000 exhibitors from 50 countries. Some 500,000 visitors, professionals and businessmen visit its showrooms every year.

Among shows that have fulfilled the high criteria for recognition by the UFI, we would like to mention the Zagreb Boat Show (Member of IFBSO - International Federation of Boat Show Organizers), Zagreb Auto Show (licensed by the OICA - International Organisation of Motor Vehicles Manufacturers), BIAM, Civil Engineering Fair, Medicine and Technology, Dentex, Ambienta, Interklima, Intergrafika and Interliber.
The Zagreb Fair Congress Centre is a place for modern business and professional communication and has proved to be the ideal venue for various kinds of conferences and other events.
  • Congresses, conferences, symposia
  • Business meetings, round tables
  • Marketing presentations of products and services
  • Press conferences
  • Buffets, parties, receptions
  • Cultural and entertainment events, concerts, festivals, theatre productions
  • Fashion shows
  • Sporting events
Zagreb Fair has been organising shows for many years, always striving to make the service even better. The Congress Centre organizes the above and similar activities in the City of Zagreb. We can organize congresses, conferences, meetings, presentations, professional consultations, buffets, parties, receptions and much more at our modern halls seating from 50 to 1,200.
Congress Centre I          
Brijuni   100 200 100 200 100
Congress Centre II          
Congress Hall    1440 1200 600 - -
Congress Hall-A 700 700 350 - -
Congress Hall-B                740 500 250 - -
Winter garden 384 300 - - 200

For larger events, we recommend one of our pavilions, seating up to 2,000 persons, where our full range of interior decoration and technical support services is also available. The pavilions have proven to be an ideal venue for festivals, concerts and other entrainment events, as well as various sporting events.

Pavilion 5 6.384 2.000 2.000 1.000
Pavilion 7 2.422 1.000 1.000 500
Pavilion 10 1.958 1.000 1.000 500
Pavilion 10a 2.134 2.000 2.000 1.000
Pavilion 11A 3.095 1.000 1.000 500
Pavilion 11D 1.294 800 800 400
Pavilion 11A i 11C 455 300 300 150
Pavilion 15 3.217 1.200 1.200 600

Conference communication equipment
  • Mobile sound system
  • Microphone (wireless, standing)
  • Simultaneous translation equipment, interpreter booths
  • Cassette tape recording
  • Discussion systems (automated, computerized)
  • Presentation and projection equipment
  • Multimedia LCD projector
  • Video projector
  • Video recorder and monitor
  • Slide projector and overhead projector
  • Laser pointer
  • Projection screen, flip boards
  • Stage lighting
  • IT services
  • Computer leasing
  • Internet access
  • Equipment and interior decoration
  • Stage and lighting
  • Seats
  • Desks, classroom desks
  • Interior decoration for all types of events
In addition to its core business of show organization, Zagreb Fair  branch of Zagreb Holding leases out some of its properties to interested legal and physical persons.
The properties are leased for a specific commercial activity (retail business, office space, catering facility, sports courses and warehouses).
The available properties are leased out in public calls for tenders, advertised and carried out in line with the relevant regulations and the Decision on the Leasing of Commercial Properties of the City of Zagreb, as needed, on multiple occasions throughout the year.
The calls for tenders are published in the daily press (Jutarnji list) and on the websites of Zagreb Holding and the branch Zagreb Fair.
Zagreb Holding - branch Zagreb Fair enters into an appropriate agreement on the lease of the commercial property in question with the participant of the call for tenders for a specific commercial property whose bid was chosen as the best bid in the tender procedure.
The lease agreements are signed for a period of five (5) years and many be extended to the next contract period.
Branch Zagreb Fair
Department of Commercial Property Leasing
Avenija Dubrovnik 15
10020 ZAGREB

Email: zagvel@zgh.hr
Retail - Brankica Šandor,
  Phone: 6503 -298; Fax: 6503-116, Email: bsandor@zv.hr
Office Spaces and Catering Facilities - Ruža Zelić,
  Phone: 6503 -257; Fax: 6503-116, Email: rzelic@zv.hr
Sports courses and warehouses – Sandra Matić
  Phone: 6503 -213; Fax: 01/6503-116, Email: smatic@zv.hr