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ABOUT SUBSIDARYThe basic function of the branch City Graveyards is maintenance of graveyards and the crematorium, burial services, construction and stone masonry work, growing flowers, decorative plants and other plants.

A few years ago the City Graveyards introduced an electric car to transport coffins and wreaths in Mirogoj, Miroševac and Markovo polje graveyards, and an internet search engine was set up for those seeking the graves of the dead. In order to provide a complete service to citizens, City Graveyards plans to organize sales of funeral equipment, arranging music, transport of the dead, reception of death notices for the daily press etc.

1873 is thought to be the year City Graveyards was founded when Gaj’s estate was purchased with the intention of transforming it into the central Zagreb graveyard. The official opening of the graveyard was not until 6 November 1876. Soon after the opening of Mirogoj (1879) the builder Herman Bollé began work on the magnificent arcade, which was completed in 1917. The crematorium was opened on 30.1.1986.

Since 1998 City Graveyards has managed the graveyards: Mirogoj, Miroševac, Gaj urni, Brezovica, Jakuševec, Klara, Kupinečki Kraljevec, Lučko, Odra, Čučerje, Granešina, Gornje Vrapče, Stenjevec, Starokatoličko groblje, Bolničko groblje, Gračani, Šestine, Markuševec, Remete and Resnik, and from 2001 the graveyards: Markovo polje, Staro groblje Sesvete, Cerje, Glavnica Donja, Kašina, Moravče, Vugrovec Donji and Planina Donja.
In 2002 Mirogoj became a member of the ASCE (Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe).
In line with the guidelines of the City of Zagreb, in 2006 City Graveyards introduced a quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. Recertification took place in 2009 and on that occasion standards were introduced according to ISO 9001: 2008. The plan of the branch is to introduce the standard ISO 14001 as well.

ADMINISTRATIONDirector: Ljerka Ćosić

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