Dear Visitors,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the official web site of Zagreb Holding, where we offer you basic information about ourselves, our goals, work and achievements.

Zagreb Holding is a unique entity in the Republic of Croatia. Through our involvement in different fields of work we are able to broaden our ties with the community, build better links between people, their knowledge, time and experience.

We also endeavour to adapt to the needs of the time and adjust to the standards imposed by the development of society as a whole. The subjects that most occupy our attentions are the economic aspects of our operations, how to reduce costs whilst still increasing the quality of our services, technical and technological development, and investing in human potential.

We would like to create a tradition in our operations founded on openness and readiness for cooperation with all the users of our services and business partners. In this, your opinions and experience are particularly important to us.

Therefore, we invite you to help us through your comments, criticism, suggestions and praise to improve the quality of all the services offered by Zagreb Holding.